Not the right focus

Ever feel like you can't think or see straight? That the life you are living isn't the one that it should be? Or that you can't stand up because you've taken too many hits? Also, that no matter what you say you can't be heard, or whatever you do you can't be seen?

Yeah.. me too. I am sick of editing myself so I can become good enough, or chameleonizing so that I am socially acceptable. Um, hello?! When will people realize, we aren't barbies! We aren't a perfect person, nor we will ever be, and news flash: YOU AREN'T EITHER! There I nothing that get us to the point of perfection, nothing to get us to the point where the world can finally see us acceptable, and you know why? There scared to have us realize that we are what they are trying to be, themselves. Why can't we be ourselves then? I know why, for me at least, I am scared to be rejected, again, I am scared I will be chrushed, again, I am scared to let myself be vunerable, but why is the question for all of us. Why are we scared? Because: THE WORLD I FULL OF EVIL AND IMMORAL PEOPLE WHO THINK THAT THEIR SO CALLED MORALS ARE THE RIGHT ONES!! Please, everyone, wake up. We need to put a stop to this.

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